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«Bis-Quit» ensemble
Russia, Saint-Pertersburg.(founded in 2002)

Grand-Prix medalist. Winner of multiple music competitions.
Special guest of the various international projects and music festivals.

Virtuoso skill what you have been looking for.

   "Bis-Quit" ensemble is a representative of a new modern Russian culture.
  This unique and one of a kind experience comes from six young virtuosos of music humour and brilliant improvisation and represents Saint-Petersburg with great pride.
  Every concert performance is a fun story and sometimes even a whole musical narrative. Their musical pieces tell stories of life, love, happiness, sadness and of all the things that affect the people all over the world.
 The group has produced their own style of a mixing genres and performing it on the original Russian folk instruments plus accordion,saxophone and percussion. With their impeccable music taste every time they come on stage they create a “new music revolution” making everyone in the audience to look at the well-known pieces and Russian music culture in general in a new light.

 For 11 years of creative activities the “Bis-Quit” orchestra became the pride of Saint-Petersburg and the object of admiration for foreigners. Many people call it a "business card" of Saint-Petersburg. The group conquered the whole world by the virtuoso skill and talent and proved that in music space there is nothing impossible for them.

   Bis-quit orchestra performs pieces of world-known classic, rock, jazz, pop, tango, Latin American rhythms and, of course, Russian folk music in own copyright arrangement.

  The skill,the talent and the special uniqueness of their sound adding to that their endless positive energy, “Bis-Quit” always causes a wild delight of audiences all over the world every time emphasizing the status of St. Petersburg, as the cultural capital of Russia.

   The "Bis-Quit" orchestra was founded in 2002 by students of the St. Petersburg musical college named after N.A.Rimsky-Korsakov.Young musicians decided to combine the sound of Russian folk instruments, the timbre of the saxophone and drums.The group consists of graduates and students of the Saint-Pertersburg Conservatory and St.Petersburg University of Culture and Arts. Since the foundation the main idea of the group was  and still is a global popularisation of new russian folk culture.
   Last years “Bis-Quit” worthily represents  Saint-Petersburg within the framework of international diplomatic missions, headed by the Committee of the External Relations and the Committee of Culture of St. Petersburg and the Government of the Russian Federation.

   During these  years "Bis-Quit" has prepared a great number of concert programs including solo concerts and concerts in cooperation with the leading soloists of the Mariinsky Theatre. The ensemble has organised over 100 concerts to great acclaim both at home in the Russian Federation and abroad.    In 2011, the team was awarded a prize from the Government of St. Petersburg such as "The Ambassador of the Russian culture", received  for their concerts, which were a resounding success with the public.

   In June 2012 the Secretary of The Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev awarded  "Bis-Quit" orchestra by Honorary Order of The Security Council of the Russian Federation as a token of gratitude for the active musical participation in an international meeting of senior representatives of the world in charge for security matters.
   During the past 14 years "Bis-Quit" played  more than 3000 concerts in over 60 countries worldwide and 40 cities of Russia. All the performances were greeted with huge critical success and the group played in some of the finest venues in Italy, Poland, Switzerland, South Korea, Germany, Cuba, Austria, China, South Eastern Europe, Kyrgyztan, Monaco, Scotland, England, Portugal, Spain, Finland and France, and left a certain resonance in the media.  The group has performed on one stage with renowned orchestras as the «National Symphony Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre», the group "The Time Machine", "URIAH HEEP", “Okean Elzy”, Nadezhda Babkina, Polina Gagarina, Oleg Gazmanov, Peter Nalich, Vasiliy Gerello  and etc.

  In 2006, "Bis-Quits" was involved in the shooting of the film "Prodigal Sons". 
  From 2007 to 2011 the group "Bis-Quit" is a permanent guest of TV-programs «Tailwind Song» and «In the rythms of life» with Elena Lipina.
    In 2011 the team was a special guest at the Music Show on the central TV channel of South-Eastern Europe.

   Since the birth of "Bis-Quit" in 2002 they have built up a repertoire of over 300 original copyright arrangements. These pieces  are in various genres and styles including: classical, jazz, country, tango, Latin and, of course, Russian folk music. The groups finest arrangements have been produced on a  collection of CD's of "Bis-Quit Orchestra"  under the names: "The world famous music" (2005) , "Russian folk songs"(2006) and "Jazz" – collection of jazz music (2007).
   In 2005 in the one of St Petersburg's finest venues the group premiered a stunning rendition of the world renowned and much loved musical "Westside story". The performance was an incredible success and once more proved that nothing is impossible for "Bis-Quit".
The musicians themselves stated : “We have done great work and music of L.Bernstеin became a real treasure for our repertoire!”
    In 2006 the ensemble  participated as a guest of honor in the International Music Festival «THE WORLD OF MUSICAL FOLKLORE»  in Nordfjordeid, Norway. It also held a creative alliance with a mixed chorus of Nordfjordeid and several gala concerts.
     In 2007 the group participated in the International Art Festival in Moscow "The Universe of the sound" which took place in the Big Hall named after P.I.Chaikovsky of Moscow Conservatory. The "Bis-Quit" represented musical performance based on the military-patriotic opera of K. Molchanov «Dawns here are quiet...» and was awarded diplomas for the «Modern reading and Virtuoso performance of classic score», «Original members of music ensemble» and for the «Original arrangement of classic piece». Also this performance has gone on the stage of Big hall of St-Petersburg State Academic Philarmony named after D.D.Shostakovich and in St-Petersburg State Academic Capella.

    In May of 2010 “Bis-Quit” congratulated citizens of St.Petersburg with the City day. Concert performances went on the several open stages of St.Petersburg and finished by the triumphal performance on the main square of the city.
     In July of 2010 the group performed in the best hall of St-Petersburg «Oktyabrsky» with Symphony Orchestra of Mariinsky Theatre with special program dedicated to the  Day of Navy of Russia.

     Since 2010 till 2013  “Bis-Quit” worthily represented culture of St.Petersburg within the framework of the official visits of the government to France, Vologda region(Russia), Kyrgyzstan, South Korea, China,  Finland,  Great Britain, Spain, Slovakia, Monaco and etc.

    In March of 2013 the group “Bis-Quit” became a special guest and with great success represented russian culture and St.Petersburg at the world-known festival “Maslenitsa”  in London at the Trafalgar square.

    In May 2013 a joint concert of "Bis-Quit ensemble" (Russia),symphony Orquestra del Vallès(Spain) and the best Soloists of Mariinsky theatre took place in Gran Teatre del Liceu (Barcelona) dedicated to the opening of Russian House in Barcelona with support of Ministy of Culture and "Russian House" in Barcelona.

     In May of 2013 the ensemble is a special guest of the concert performances in Slovakia within the framework of the festival “ Kosice - The Cultural capital of Europe 2013”

     Of course, with such incredible musical transformations, the team began close and creative relationships with honored soloists and ballet masters of the St. Petersburg Mariinsky Theatre, leading pop-jazz performers of Saint-Petersburg , the winners of Ballroom Dancings and various performers of Russian native, foreign and ethnic music.

     The "Bis -Quit" never fails to surprise with their skills of arrangements , natural talent and the professionalism. Audiences the world over are constantly driven wild with delight at their melodic arrangements.

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