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Music programs of «BIS-QUIT» orchestra.


  St.Petersburg chamber orchestra «BIS-QUIT» performs only own exclusive musical arrangements and concert programs, which has no any analogues in the world. And this one more time emphasizing the image of St.Petersburg as a cultural capital of Russia.

    About 20 various music programs (from classic and folk to opera,ballet and pop music in a modern arrangement).

    The programs which impressed the Heads of many States and thousand people around the world.  

   Only the leading soloists of St.Petersburg opera and ballet take part in the innovative music programs of  «BIS-QUIT» which became a
«musical face» of St.Petersburg. And this allowed to make an unique combination on one scene of 3 the greatest elements of Russian Music Art such as: «inimitable Russian Opera», «unmatched Russian Ballet» and «virtuoso instrumental skill» on Russian folk instruments.

  The repertoire of these programs includes the best pieces of opera,ballet and instrumental pieces in a brand new interpretation. Here are the fragments of world-known classical operas,ballets, operettas and musicals and also contemporary choreographic pieces posed by young choreographers of St.Petersburg. Russian folk songs in modern interpretation, country music, Latin  American, tango,soundtracks of the movies and world-known pop hits in the refined cover versions of the group.

   All compositions virtuoso performed in an exclusive  copyright arrangements by the artists of  St.Petersburg  orchestra «Bis-Quit».

  The participants of these programs are the pride of new modern music culture of St.Petersburg and Russia. They represent St. Petersburg and Russia in the most  significant international events  worldwide.

1. The Program «Classical Music».(to watch)
(Performes jointly with the soloists of St.Petersburg opera).
G.Rossini,A.Borodin,V.Mozart,G.Sviridov,J.Strauss,M.Musorgsky,S.Rachmaninov,G.Verdi and etc.

Special performance of the masterpieces of world's classical music in the copyright original arrangements of the ensemble «Bis-Quit» will involve you in a whirlwind of «Polovtsian Dances» from the opera «Prince Igor» by A.Borodin and will prove that «Our whole life is a «Trick-Track» by the words of J.Strauss. In the performance of leading soloists of St.Petersburg Opera you will hear a virtuoso cavatina of Figaro from G.Rossini's «Barber of Seville»,touching and charming song of Giuditta from operetta of F.Lehar «Giuditta» ,passionate Habanera from the opera of G.Bizet «Carmen» and a soulful melody of R.Falvo «Dicitencello vuie» will take you to the sunny Italy.

• G.Bizet. Habanera from the opera «Carmen». (fusion version)
• V.-A. Mozart. Queen of the Night aria fom the opera «The magic flute». (new moder version)
• A.Dvorzhak. Aria of Mermaid from the opera «The Mermaid».
• Bocelli. «Time to say good bay». Conte partiro.
• L.Bernstein. A fragments of musical «Westside story».
• P.Tchaikovsky. Tatiana's Letter Scene from the opera «Eugene Onegin».
• Sh. Gounod. Couplets of Mephestopheles from the opera «Faust».
• J.Strauss. Our whole life is a «Trick-Track».
• F.Lehar. Giuditta's song from the operetta «Giuditta».
• R.Falvo. «Dicitencello vuie»
• G.Verdi. Libiamo from the opera «Traviata»
• G.Rossini. Cavatina of Figaro from the opera «Barber of Seville».

and others...

2. The Program «We are Russians!». (to watch)
...it is a bright and colorful musical «whirlpool» of changes of characters and images of folk song ...

In this program  laconically interwined breadth of russian drawling melodies with unbridled joy of Cossak's songs.
Mischievous «Valenki» in the pop-jazz arrangement and fiery enthusiasm of Russian folk dances and dancing tunes, will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated audience.

..and even here everything sounds in a brand new way, and even here the timbre of the saxophone gives to the traditional Russian folk Art  a breath of nowadays...

• «Valenki» in pop-jazz-hip-hop arrangement
• «Korobeiniki» (in swing version)
• «The field»  (in rock version)
• «If Sting would have born in Russia»
• «Kalinka-Malinka» (in pop version)
• «She's got it in russian!»

and others...

3. «Classical «Bis-Quit». (to watch)
Original copyright  mixes of  world-known classical pieces.

• J.Strauss. «Our whole life is a «Trick-Track».
• N.Rota. «A walk with Federico Fellini».
• «Mozart and agent 007».
• «Memories about Maria and Tony” (a fragment of musical «Westside story». L.Bernstein).
• «Festive mix» (mix of  world-known melodies).
• A.Borodin. A fragments from the opera «Prince Igor».
• M.Musorgsky. «Returning to the old castle».

and others...

4. The program of «Masterpieces of world jazz,Latin American rythms and cover versions of world-known pop music».(to watch)

Performance of the masterpieces of world jazz in combination of Russian folk instruments,percussion and the saxophone.  Fiery Latin American rhythms of  Bossa Nova(to watch), Dixielands «Hello Dolly» interwoven with velvety female vocal in the legendary «Summertime»(to watch). Own and sometimes unexpected interpretations of compositions of «Sting»(to watch), Phill Collins, Bryan Adams and etc. don't leave indifferent even the most sophisticated listeners.

5. «OBLIVION».(to watch)
Music of the great Argentinean reformator of Tango Astor Piazzolla in an exclusive arrangement and in the performance of «Bis-Quit» orchestra.

• Oblivion. (Drum & bass version)
Libertango. (Pop version)
• Fuga y misterio. (Rock version)
• Por Una Cabeza. (Latino version)

and others...

6. «Bis-Quitomania».(to watch)
An exclusive original arrangements to the music and soundtracks of the well-known Russian and world-known movies and cartoons and cover versions of the famous works of classical music, world pop and jazz.

• Bis-Quit.op.№15 «If Sting would have born in Russia».
• Bis-Quit.op.№48 «She's got it in russian!».
• Bis-Quit.op.№31 «Mozart and agent 007».
• Bis-Quit.op.№37 «Our whole life is a «Trick-Track».
• Bis-Quit.op.№54 «I feel good».
• Bis-Quit.op.№75 «Festive mix».

and others...

7. The Program «Bis-Quit and Ballet». (to watch)
Modern and classical ballet in an exclusive arrangement.

• N.A.Rimsky-Korsakov. The dance of Prince and Princess from the ballet «Shecheresada».(Classical ballet).
J.Brel. «Ne me quitte pas» Don't leave me.(Contemporary ballet).

and others...

8. Music from movies,Country music,tango and world popular music. (to watch)

Unmatched collection of musical hits of world cinematography, intriguing rhythms of passionate Argentinean tango, intertwined with an energetic American «Country» and the Hungarian «Chardash». Exquisite musical «mix» of favorite tunes that have become immortal.

9. Jewish music.
Absorbed in itself features of many musical cultures, Jewish music has its own,unique harmonic and spiritual energy... Not put into words that inner strength that Jewish music comprises : melody, romanticism, lyricism, beauty, light and life! 

• Mix of the jewish themes.
• Chavivin.
• Kol Zman.
• Etz Chayim.
• Omar.
• Shalom Aleychem.
• V’hoo.
• Vezakeini.
• Bershus.

and others...

10. Russian songs and romances in copyright arrangement. (to watch)

• Black-eyed cossak.
• The coachman,don't ride the horses.
• By the long road.
• Black eyes.

and others...

11. «BIS-QUIT - Gala concert». (to watch)
(With participation of leading soloists of St.Petersburg opera,ballet and pop-jazz singers).

An unique and refined music program of «Bis-Quit» with filling of opera,ballet, unusual cover versions and russian folk music in a modern arrangement with fiery energy and unbelievable drive of young and talented representatives of new russian musical culture from St.Petersburg!

12. «The program with folk vocal and dance group».
In this program  laconically interwined breadth of russian drawling melodies with unbridled joy of Cossak's songs.Mischievous «Valenki» in the pop-jazz arrangement and fiery enthusiasm of Russian folk dances and dancing tunes, will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated audience.

13. «The program with symphony orchestra».
(to watch)
P.Tchaikovsky, N.Rota, V.-A. Mozart, A.Piazzolla, A.Borodin, V. Monti, V.Gavrilin, G.Sviridov and etc.

14. «The program with a brass band».
Marches,hymns and musical pieces on the festive naval theme.

The repertoire of the group includes more than 300 original arrangements of various genres and styles which is constantly updated and expanded.

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